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The Black Towers magic academy and guild of Tethyr started over a hundred years ago by wizard refugees escaping persecution in Amn to the north. Today, it is a massive guild consisting of at least fifty active journeymen and one hundred apprentices.

The Black Towers themselves consist of three towers made of a strange black stone that rise from the earth near Darrowmar, each connected to the other by a narrow unsupported bridge of stone. The towers are the work of the ancient dwarves of Shanatar and can from a distance appear to be eerie natural formations. To this day no one knows why the dwarves built the towers, especially considering dwarves are not fond of structures above ground, let alone soaring towers.

The guild structure is made up of apprentices (neophytes) on the lowest tier, journeymen (adepts), a master for each school of magic and the sole archmage.

Neophytes must wear the traditional plain black robes at all times and are easily identified as such. Adepts may wear what they wish, and possess an amulet bearing their school’s symbol, they retain the black robes for ceremonies which are slashed with the corresponding color for their school. Masters generally wear their robes of office when attending duties about the school and guild. The archmage’s robe is literally a robe of the archmagi and is usually black with gold accents and bands of color around the edges showing every school.

Main Page

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