Petros Firehide

A tiefling warrior noble.


Petros is a male teifling about six feet tall. He has strange markings similar to tattoos that run up and down his arms. When about, he wears splint mail armor and carries a massive curved greatsword called Cloudsteel.

Petros is blunt and does not put on airs, but is also fair and even kind to his servants and those he meets. He is less suspicious of others unlike most tieflings and measures each person individually and is remarkably unprejudiced.

In battle he follows precise and deadly blade forms that he designed himself and that few can match. He’s developed his innate infernal powers as well and will not hesitate to use them if in need.


Petros is the product of a union with a succubus and a human male from Luskan. The father was killed in the act but the succubus carried the child to term. Her infernal overlords instructed she give birth on the Prime if possible so that Petros would be a mortal and a native. There, they planned to bind him to the Hells service as well.

A paladin named Remus Blackthorn, however, discovered the plot and ambushed the devils and the human cult assisting them somewhere near the Spine of the World. Knowing that tieflings are free moral agents, he took the infant to a childless couple he knew of near Luskan who raised the male tiefling as their own.

Petros left home as soon as he was of age and became a sellsword along the Sword Coast, but never gave up hopes of discovering his origins and more importantly, his destiny.

Petros would eventually find himself in Icewind Dale, where the aging Remus went to spend out his days, the last heir of Blackthorn. When Petros found him, Remus told Petros of his origins and also gave him a sealed document, which Petros would later discover named him as the sole heir of Blackthorn Estate.

When Petros arrived, he found scheming servants and a haunted manor. He foiled the servants and purged the manor of evil, then set about making the name Blackthorn and Firehide great in the North. He used up all his treasures from his days as an adventurer to clean up the manor and raise some mercenaries which he led into battle after battle in the region to secure it safely for those living there. Soon many flocked to his banner as his fame increased, and the estate gained in power and prestige.

Today, Lord Petros is considered one of the most honorable and dangerous country lords of the Daggerford region. His estate bustles with the activities of his laborers and skilled craftsmen, and his personal army keeps the local region in check

Petros Firehide

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